Elgi Ultra focus on energy-saving technology


Elgi Ultra Industries Ltd. of the Elgi Group has its diversified presence across textile components, auto components, agro products and home appliances. The company’s expertise in the textile industry was showcased at the recently held Texfair 2017 trade show in Coimbatore.

Mr B. Balakrishnan, Managing Director, and Mr. C. Raghu, Vice President Operations, Elgi Ultra Industries

The company manufactures spindle tapes, transmission belts, rubber-coated fabric, loom components and PU tubing for textile and textile machinery manufacturers under its Elgitex brand.

Expressing satisfaction over the response at Texfair 2017, Mr. B. Balakrishnan, Managing Director of the company, said: “We are happy with the response. We had a steady stream of visitors all through the four days of the trade show. Perhaps the only shortcoming that I could think of is that there were only a few upcountry visitors. Overall though, it has been a focused exhibition.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Mr. C. Raghu, Vice President – Operations, said that the trade show has helped further strengthen the company’s brand equity in the textile industry, while also expressing satisfaction over both the number and quality of visitors at the exhibition.

Elgi Ultra is considered a trend-setter in the manufacture of synthetic sandwich spindle tapes. One of the major focus areas of the company is power savings. The sandwich tapes for example are made of polyurethane (GX) which helps save up to six 2 to 5 per cent power as compared to the conventional polyamide tapes. Similarly, the company’s flexible polyester belts have also been designed to save energy.

Custom-designed industrial fabrics are manufactured by the company under the Elgitex brand. The company has state-of-the-art facility to manufacture all types of woven industrial fabrics and industrial coated fabrics of top standard.

Elaborating on the key factors that differentiate the company from the others in the field, Mr. Balakrishnan observed:  “We have been in the market for a long time now. We make products that are critical for the running of a textile factory. We are different from the competition in the sense that we create what India wants. We offer products that India needs. We understand the know-how and know-why.”

He added: “Additionally, a majority of our products are made in-house only. There were only a couple of occasions when we had sought technological know-how from overseas partners. Now we can proudly say that many of our earlier technology givers are now our customers.”

Mr. Balakrishnan sounded optimistic of the textile industry performance. “There are cycles in all industries. There will be ups and downs. However, the prospects of the textile industry are quite good, and I am confident that it will continue on a growth path in the days ahead,” he added.