MecGrowths launches innovative short stretch conversion kit


The Madurai-based MecGrowths Texmach Pvt. Ltd., serving the spinning industry for the past 34 years, was founded and run by Mr. S. Arunachalam, its Managing Director, in association with the young and dynamic entrepreneur, Mr. A. Senthil Raja, Joint Managing Director.

Mr. S. Arunachalam, Managing Director, and Mr. A. Senthil Raja, Joint Managing Director, MecGrowths

Mr. Arunachalam, a visionary, came from a modest background, but his hard work, perseverance and his entrepreneurial spirit made MecGrowths Texmach a shining success. He always endeavors to bring innovation to the field by focusing on customer satisication and commitment to quality. MecGrowths has been in the news for introducing its unique Mec Short Stretch Conversion kit, which has been making waves in the market, right from the day it was introduced .

In an exclusive interview with The Textile Magazine, Mr. Arunachalam and Mr. Senthil Raja gave insights into the performance of the company, launch of short stretch conversion retrofit, their views on the current market trends and the company’s future plans.

Speaking about how the year 2016-17 was for the organization, Mr. Arunachalam remarked that it was a good year. “We launched new products which were well received by the market. The key milestone for us was our entry into manufacturing textile components for import substitutes. Though our customers have been facing problems due to new Government policies, we could contribute significantly by improving their production rate, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost, thanks to the Mec Short Stretch Conversion Kit.

Mr. Senthil Raja observed: “So far it has been a good year for us, because of the introduction of new innovative products. We are quite sure that the second half of the current financial year will also be good for us.”

Highlighting the specialities of the short stretch conversion kit, Mr. Arunachalam stated that the product has brought in a new era in compact ring spinning. At the same time, the ring spinning technology will continue to be the most widely used system in short staple spinning.

Also, compact ring spinning is no longer new for the spinning industry. Keeping that in view, the spinning geometry of ring frame plays a critical roll in achieving a reasonably good running performance and quality. It has undergone many changes during the last few decades. Especially in the case of compact spinning, with additional parts included, optimization of spinning geometry is very essential and has proved an important key factor in ensuing good performance.

The spinning geometry in fact influences the following:

* Twist insertion flows directly to the nip of top rollers

* Reconstruction of spinning triangle due to the increased spinning angle

* Distribution of fibre tension in the spinning triangle

* Better binding-in of fibres

* Tension in the yarn and the performance of the machine.

* Spinning end breaks and yarn parameters

The spinning geometry represents the dimensions between the elements of the ring spinning machine which comes in the path of yarn formation and also the inclination of elements as well as of the yarn with the machine.

Optimization of spinning geometry

The reduction in stretch length and higher spinning angle in compact ring spinning results into higher spindle speed due to better twist propagation and stable ballooning with reduced yarn breakage.

The accompanying diagrams (A) and (B) clearly illustrate the difference in ballooning between optimized spinning geometry and irregular spinning geometry.

Inclination of drafting arrangement

The angle of inclination of drafting arrangement is one factor which determines the height of the spinning triangle. The inclination of drafting arrangement is with respect to the horizontal line of the machine. If the drafting arrangement is mounted with a relatively low inclination, the angle of the wrap of the fibre strand over curvature of the front bottom drafting roller is large. This gives a long spinning angle with its associated advantages and disadvantages. With a steeper inclination and large angle, the deflection angle is small and the spinning triangle is short.

Some of the key benefits gained through the short stretch conversion retrofit are:

  • A significant reduction in spinning breaks, by as much as 30-50%.
  • Over 10% more production can be achieved due to reduced spinning breaks from the existing condition.
  • A quick pay-back, within 6 months.
  • The superfine counts have been manifested in reduced thin places.
  • Improvement in further downstream processes like warping and weaving due to reduced end breaks in ring spinning, resulting in reduction in auto coner cuts and splices.
  • Tension conditions, binding-in of the fibers, the number of end breakages, yarn hairiness yarn irregularity and generation of fly have also improved significantly.

The advantages of the Mec Short Stretch Conversion kit are:

  • It consists in export-oriented manufacturing facility, ensuring the OEM quality and product performance.
  • Successfully running in 2,00,000 spindles
  • The short stretch retrofit is suitable for all counts
  • It comfortably suits for all spindle lift and tube lengths.
  • Available for all types of machines

Some of the top names in the textile industry using the short stretch conversion kit are the Rajapalayam Group of Mills, Premier Group of Mills, Jayaverma Group of Mills, Jayajothi & Co. Ltd., Thiagarajar Group, Precot Meridian Group, GHCL Mills Ltd, GTN Group, Shanmugavel Group and Spictex Mills Ltd.

Positive outlook

Going into details regarding the current textile industry scenario, Mr. Arunachalam felt that there has been a slowdown at present due to the implementation of GST system. However, the new GST regime has come to be accepted by everyone in the industry in the hope that it will definitely lead to improved prospects for the Indian textile industry.

As the proverb says: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts’, we will always support and live along with our customers.”

According to Mr. Senthil Raja, the company is already supplying compact spinning spares for all the system at an affordable price and is planning to launch new products in compact spinning soon. It is also planning to invest in further capacity expansion, keeping in mind the market trend in the forthcoming years.

The company’s export business has been picking up well in Asian countries, especially in China and Vietnam.