Orange O Tec sells over 100 MS digital printing machines in India  


The Surat-based Orange O Tec Pvt. Ltd. is celebrating sale of over 100 MS digital textile printing machines in the Indian textile market. It is the sole distributor of MS Italy, a global leader in digital textile printing technologies and is now also one of the highest selling digital printing brands in India.

Mr. Aayush Rathi, CEO, Orange O Tec Pvt. Ltd.

MS digital textile printer model, the JP7, has emerged the best selling printer in India among the various MS printers like the JPK EVO and LaRio. MS also offers sublimation textile printers which include the JP3 and the JP4.

The production speed of the JP7 is 200 linear metres per hour and has a printing width of 180 cms. The printer can accommodate up to 16 print heads, while offering a printing resolution of 600 x 600 dpi.

The JPK EVO is an alternative to conventional flat bed machines and is in line with today’s fast-changing fashion scenario, with production speeds of 370 linear metres per hour. It has a massive print width of 320 cms and can accommodate up to 32 print heads offering print resolution of 600 x 600 dpi.

On the other hand, the LaRio is an alternative for the high printing production volumes of rotary printing. The LaRio offers production speeds of 2,100 linear metres per hour in up to eight colours, with a gigantic printing width of up to 320 cms and a printing resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. A LaRio installed in India is running to the full satisfaction of MS Orange’s valued customer.

Features common to all MS digital textile printers are a drop size from 4 to 72pl, open software system and embedded remote diagnostic and embedded web server for cost report.

Same Print Result (SPR) is a very important concept which distinguishes the MS product range from its competitors. With MS, one can start with an entry level printer like the JP5 EVO and as business and production expands, one can graduate to the LaRio while maintaining the same print quality throughout, but by using the same inks and software.

On the other hand, Orange O Tec too has built its reputation by offering impeccable aftersales service through a team of over 25 service engineers and software support specialists stationed in its offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Surat. The company also has resident engineers stationed at Tirupur and Bangalore.

At each of these offices, the company also keeps a very huge inventory of critical spareparts. All these efforts ensure that a MS digital textile printer is up and running with optimum downtime.

A digital printing machine is not just a machine but a solution for high-speed production, frequent changing fashions and perfect colour composition which requires high efficiency support system, with sufficient inventory of all spares.