Proklean remains focused on least pollution technology


Proklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is a company based out of Chennai, India, established in the year 2009. It is in the business of chemical replacement products for a variety of industries including leather processing, textile processing and hospitality under the brand name Proviera. Its products are based on unique Probiotic Technology and has an exclusive license from SCD Probiotics, USA for using their certified probiotic mother culture to manufacture and market these products. We spoke to the CEO Dr.S.S. Pillai on the company’s recent achievement.


Dr. S.S. Pillai

Dr. S.S. Pillai, congratulations to Proklean Technologies on its receiving the Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Award 2015.

Could you tell us briefly about Proklean’s products and services?

Thank you for your wishes. We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award and consider this as a recognition of the impact we have on our customers and the society at large.

Proklean has developed a very innovative technology platform which is based on Probiotics. Using this platform, we have introduced a range of non-toxic and fully bio-degradable formulations which replace chemical auxiliaries used in certain industries. For the textile industry we offer a pre-treatment agent, a levelling agent for cotton, a levelling agent for polyester and blends and a premium soaping agent.

You said that you have developed an innovative technology platform. Can you elaborate on this?

So far, the “green” substitutes for toxic chemical auxiliaries have been enzymes. They have limitations in terms of shelf life, the narrow range of pH and temperature requirements and the overall cost. Because of this, adoption of enzymes has been very minimal.

For the first time, we have brought to market products which have good shelf life, can be applied at a very wide range of temperatures and pH and at the same time are very competitively priced. We have been able to achieve all this because of the unique features of the technology, and that is why it is very innovative.

You say that the products are competitively priced. Do they offer any other economic benefits, apart from the cost of the product?

As I have mentioned earlier, all our products are non-toxic and bio-degradable. We have multiple actual customer case studies to show that, depending on the situation of the individual customers, use of our products have reduced the pollution load (lower COD and TDS), reduced consumption of water, lesser number of auxiliaries (reduction or elimination of inputs such as peroxide, caustic, stabilisers, softeners, etc.,) or reduction in process time. The net impact is that costs are reduced and at the same time pollution footprint is also brought down significantly.

What is your vision for Proklean?

Proklean was founded out of passion to do our small bit to make the world a better place to live in. The team is very passionate about the work we do. While building a successful business with this very innovative technology platform, we will always keep in mind our primary goal of reducing the pollution footprint of our customers. We know how to succeed in this mission. All our offerings have to be very competitive compared to the existing practices in the industry. Our R&D team has been working hard on a few more products for the textile industry. We expect to launch at least two more products in the coming six months. We expect to be counted as a very significant player in the global textile processing industry helping our customers to be more profitable and at the same time help build a cleaner environment for the future generations.