Shree raises Liva-tagged garments production to 250,000 per month


Shree – the Indian Avatar – has registered almost 1500% growth in demand for its garments made from Liva fabrics. With the rise in demand of Liva, the new age fluid fabric from the Aditya Birla Group, Shree, now boasts a production of 250,000 garments per month made from Liva as against the current 15,000 garments.

Mr. Manohar Samuel, President – Marketing, Birla Cellulose

Talking about the collaboration with LIVA, Mr. Sandeep Kapoor, an expert in textile and apparel industry, and Director of Shree, observed: “Our success has a lot to do with the unique way in which we operate our business. We create, innovate and introduce 5 new trend collections everyday, which is unlike any other garment manufacturing company in the country. This is a fast fashion model.”

Mr. Kapoor added: “We get immense support from Liva with respect to innovative fabrics and modern trends. With the increasing popularity of Liva, we now have almost 98% of our collection made from Liva fabric.”

Shree gets good consumer insights from 24 EBOs and 1,000 MBOs.  These insights help to create new innovations on a daily basis. This also indicates that the supply chain has to be robust and fast. Liva Accredited Partner Forum (LAPF) has understood the requirement very well. It has worked in close co-ordination with its partners and brought down the lead time of supplying the fabrics from 75 days to almost 25 days.

Said Mr. Manohar Samuel, President – Marketing, Birla Cellulose: “We are looking for partners who can understand consumers well, innovate continuously and also understand fabrics. Shree fits in all requirements very well. They have the ability to connect with every stratum, be it value chain or end consumers”.

To fuel growth, Liva supports Shree in co-branding activities, with a focus on spreading awareness for both Shree – the Indian Avatar and Liva.

Liva is a new age fabric from the Aditya Birla Group. Unlike other fabrics that are boxy or synthetic, Liva is a soft, fluid fabric which falls and drapes well – a promise that is delivered through an accredited value chain. The new-age naturally sourced fibre made into fabric in pure or blended form transforms not just the garment but also the person wearing it. It is comfortable, soft, natural, and eco-friendly.