Terrot plan to strengthen Indian market presence


As one of the leading manufacturers of electronically and mechanically-controlled circular knitting machines, Terrot looks back on 155 years of innovation and market leadership. Textile manufacturers worldwide have trust in Terrot’s knitting technology and knowhow. The German knitting machine builder is known for its high quality single and double jersey machine portfolio for different applications, including under- and outerwear as well as technical or home textiles.

For several years the German firm has been concentrating on customer requirements such as production performance, individuality and fabric quality. Through close customer collaboration and a strategic focus Terrot has extended and strengthened its product portfolio consistently.

Single jersey machines play an important role in the Indian market. For this reason Terrot updated the sinkerless single jersey machine of its Pilotelli brand, which gives customers great advantages in terms of extending maintenance periods and producing quality single jersey fabrics. Compared to regular sinker machines the SL-4 machines are more productive and operate at higher speeds.

Especially on the Indian market the German circular knitting machine builder was able to expand its position as an important player. India has been one of the largest textile production centres, especially cotton fabrics and home textiles, for several years. German machinery manufacturers like Terrot have always played a key role in the growth of the Indian textile industry, and thanks to fruitful co-operation and common projects it was possible to establish and expand these partnerships.

In 2018 Terrot plans to expand and strengthen its position at the global level, particularly the Indian market. It constantly invests in human resources and organizational structures to become a market leader for product and service quality. It also invests a lot in R&D and will launch at least four new machine models by the end of 2017.