VMT installs high-technology Condair humidifier at Baddi plant


VMT Spinning Company recently installed a JetSpray humidification system from Condair in the post-winding section at its state-of-the-art cotton production facility in Baddi in order to maintain the yarn quality and strength. The JetSpray humidifier, supplied and installed by Condair’s Indian representative, Regent Machine and Servicing, is capable of delivering around 250 litres of moisture per hour to maintain the ideal air humidity.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Unit Head, VMT and Mr. Jaydeep Dasgupta, Managing Director, Regent Machine

VMT is part of the well-known Vardhman Group and maintains the highest production standards at its Baddi factory to meet the growing needs of its Japanese and European customers.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Unit Head at VMT, commented: “The JetSpray has proved highly suitable for our requirements. It consistently maintains the required relative humidity in the area and has very hygienic operation. It is a sealed system with no circulation of water, so there is no scope for growth of micro-organisms. It is also user friendly and practically maintenance-free.

He continued: “The humidifier is also excellent as an in-room top up system to supplement the existing air washers fitted in air handling units. During the hot, dry summer, the humidifier further benefits us by reducing the temperature in the area, creating a more pleasant and productive environment for the staff.”

The JetSpray humidifier consists of rows of stainless steel nozzles, mounted high in the area to be humidified, which combine compressed air and water to produce very fine aerosols. The use of compressed air atomises the water, so it evaporates rapidly and guarantees drip-free humidification. As moisture is introduced across an area from many points of injection, the humidity level is very consistent and evenly spread throughout the room. This helps avoid high and low levels that some singular spot humidifiers can cause in a production area.

Automatic flush and drain cycles ensure water cannot remain in the system to stagnate and combats microbial growth. Optional UV sterilisation or silver ion dosing offers additional hygiene safeguards.

The JetSpray humidifier uses standard plumbing fittings. So it is easy to install in busy industrial environments. The nozzles have a self-cleaning mechanism that minimises maintenance. A tiny pin pushes through the nozzle’s spray orifice whenever the system stops operating to prevent blockages affecting performance. The innovative design makes the nozzles so robust in operation that they carry a 10-year warranty.