Bannari Amman Spinning Mills puts up fairly good show



Bannari Amman Spinning Mills specialises in cotton yarn, woven and coated fabrics, garments and processing, as well as wind power generation. It has two modern spinning units near Dindigul with an installed capacity of 1,44,240 spindles, and a weaving unit near Palladam, with an installed capacity of 135 looms. Its processing and technical textiles unit near Annur, also in Tamil Nadu, has an annual capacity to produce 24 lakh metres of coated fabric. The company’s 32 wind mills have an installed capacity of 29.95 mw of power. The entire power generated by the wind mills is captively consumed by the spinning units.

The Spinning Division of Bannari Mills produced 20,700.32 tonnes of yarn in 2013-14 compared to 17,563.29 tonnes in 2012-13. Total sales of the division were worth Rs. 52,366.13 lakhs compared to Rs. 40,210.94 lakhs the previous year, of which exports increased to Rs. 25,454.37 lakhs from Rs. 20,499.79 lakhs.


Mr. S.V. Arumugam, CMD, Bannari Amman Spinning Mills Ltd.

The company’s Weaving Division specializes in manufacturing wider width cotton fabric. During the year, 76.23 lakh metres of fabric were produced against 61.27 lakh metres in 2012-13.

In 2013-14, 1672.42 tonnes of knitted fabric were produced by the company. The total sales of the Knitting Division amounted to Rs. 3640.95 lakhs, of which export sales accounted for Rs. 806.07 lakhs. In the same period, 583.32 tonnes of fabric were processed and 4.82 lakh metres of canvas were produced by the Technical Textile Division. It also produced 1.49 lakh metres of breathable water-proof fabric.

The company’s Garment Division produced close to 7.46 lakh pieces of garments in 2013-14. Total sales of the division amounted to Rs. 3,192.49 lakhs compared to Rs. 1,934.63 lakhs the previous year. Export sales accounted for Rs. 3,143.25 lakhs.