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Rajapalayam Mills

Rajapalayam Mills

Rajapalayam Mills Ltd. Of the well renowned Ramco Group, established on September 5, 1938 was inaugurated by V. V. Giri, Minister for Industry and Labour to the Government of Madras, with an initial capacity of 6800 spindles imported from England, Rajapalayam Mills today produces well over 11 million kgs of yarn per year, employs more than 1700 workers, working there shift all year round and has a turnover of over Rs. 250 Crores.

As on date the Group has 15 Mills with a total turnover of Rs. 1000 Crores per year, by employing around 9000 workers.  The Total spindle capacity 4.25 Lakhs. The Group has established Rieter Project on 84000 Spindles spanning over 5 mills equally.
P.A.C. Ramasamy Raja, Founder - Ramco Group

P.A.C. Ramasamy Raja, Founder – Ramco Group

The Group traditionally makes quality counts from 6’s to 220’s, added capacity to produce value added yarns like compact, Elitwist, slub, gazzed yarn in singles and doubles. It exports most of its spinning capacity to the highly quality-conscious markets like Japan and also to other countries like Korea, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Dubai, Bahrain, Italy, Spain, etc.

Pioneer with many first
Pioneer in introducing the concept of open end spinning in India, especially for production of coarser counts, which have replaced their counter parts from ring spinning process with very high productivity and acceptable quality. First to install automatic cone winding in this region in the form of Schweitzer automatic circular winding machines.
First to buy Suessen compact spinning frames and conversion of LR DJ/5 and LR G5/1 to compact spinning. Installation of revolutionary Elitwist concept with desiring benefits of two-ply twisted yarn in spindle point itself and thereby reducing conversion cost drastically.
Ramco Group Textile Division has undertaken large-scale adoption of eco-friendly, non-conventional energy sources by installing numerous windmills in one of the world’s best sites of wind energy – Muppandal, Kanyakumari district, South India. Today, about 100 per cent of the total power requirements are met by this eco-friendly energy source.
The following are the highlights of the exclusive one on one questioner with Mr. Kanthimathinathan, President, Ramco Group Textile Division.
Can you give a background about the textile industry in Rajapalayam, how and when it started and what it state today?
The beginning of textile industry in Rajapalayam dates back to the year 1938 when the first spinning mill was established by our founder Sri. P.A.C. Ramasamy Raja as a public limited company after a long canvassing and convincing of the agrarian public of Rajapalayam with a meager spindleage of 6,000. The idea of establishing a spinning mill had clicked in his mind to exploit the cash-crop of cotton cultivated in and around Rajapalayam to be consumed locally and to provide employment to the inhabitants who were farmers in majority, who were basically jobless for many months after each harvest. But today Rajapalayam is a cotton textile city down south of Madurai with around 100 spinning mills – small and large.

Mr. Kanthimathinathan, President Ramco Group Textile Division

How is the growth in the textile business in Rajapalayam in the last few years?

The growth of textile industry in the last few years is gradual and normal. The reason for this normal growth of textile mills is due to the economic crunch felt all over.
What is the specialization of Rajapalayam, is it purely a spinning centre or you have other process like weaving, dyeing, etc.?
Rajapalayam is purely a spinning centre with sporadic establishments of weaving and processing. Dyeing units have a very little or negligible presence.
Within spinning, do you specialize in any particular count or quality of yarn?
We do value adding in spinning itself through compact, Eli-twisting, gassing, soft packing, stream setting, voil twisting, core spinning, slub yarn with multi-count & multi TPI and TFO twisting. Vortex spinning is also in our agenda and we are brooding on denim and linen projects.
How many mills are located in Rajapalayam and what is the total capacity of spinning frames?
Total number of mills associated with Ramco textile group in Rajapalayam will be 10 in number and the total number of spindles from these 10 mills is around 3.5 lakhs in number.
What is the total value/size of business generated by mills at Rajapalayam mills?
Total turnover in Rajapalayam is Rs. 700 crores.
What is the percentage of yarn that you export? To which countries and the value of exports?
Yes certainly. We export around 30% of our production either directly to countries like Japan and Italy and through merchant exports for countries like Pakistan, UAE, Indonesia, etc. The value of our exports touches Rs. 250 crores a year.
Any significant achievement you would like to highlight with regards to Rajapalayam textile industry?
While textile mills in other parts of the State and the rest of the country are pulling down their shutters for one reason or the other, Rajapalayam Mills are running successfully due to co-operative work force and dynamic entrepreneurs.
How many people work in the industry in Rajapalayam?
Total number of employees working in Rajapalayam Mills is around 6,000.
What are the significant challenges faced by mills at Rajapalayam?
The main challenges felt by our people are acute shortage of power, labour shortage and conservative management. We strongly feel that the Government should make available power and funds to motivate mills who lack modernization and expansion to compete globally.

Line up of Rieter machines at Rajapalayam Mills – Rieter Project

In your opinion, how do you see the future for textile industry in Rajapalayam?
Future is optimistic and promising. Challenges are there but we are formidable and perseverant. Competition and invasion from other countries have nothing to do with us as we are well equipped and armored to face them in the fray to establish our supremacy and excel them in all aspects.
Ramco Group Textile Division can be taken as a one-stop place for all requirements of yarn by any consumer in the world with assurance on quality, delivery, after-sales service and customer delight.
Photo Album of The Rieter PRoject of Ramco Textile Division
Rieter Carding Machines at Rajapalayam Mills

Rieter Combing Machines at Rajapalayam Mills

Rajapalayam Mills – Since 1938