Sutlej acquires DS&D business of American Silk Mills


Growing access to the US home textiles market

Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd. (STIL) has announced the acquisition of the Design Sales & Distribution (DS&D) business and brand of American Silk Mills (ASM) LLC based at Plains, Pennsylvania. The acquisition adds strength of this leading American boutique designer and distributor of residential and contract furnishing textiles to Sutlej’s home textiles portfolio. ASM will continue to design, develop and market its products under the brand name of American Silk Mills, thus furthering its legacy as a leader in this field for over 120 years.

Mr. S.K. Khandelia, STIL President

Founded in 1896, American Silk Mills remains among the oldest and most established American textile brands by designing, weaving and distributing innovative textiles for the residential, contract, transportation and specialty markets. These products include innovative indoor/outdoor performance fabrics, fine jacquard textiles, multiple grades and styles of velvets, quality silks, and Sensuede, an eco-friendly synthetic suede noted for its durability, cleanability and long-lasting comfort.

ASM offers strategic fit on its strength of original designs based on American sensibilities, innate understanding of customer markets and a unique product portfolio that includes dobby, jacquards, velvets and suedes using a variety of fibers like rayon, linen, cotton, polyester, silk and acrylic.

Mr. S.K. Khandelia, STIL President, observed: “American Silk Mills offers great synergy to access the American home textiles market using a sound platform of design & development combined with Sutlej’s scale and economics of production in India”.

“We are excited to partner with Sutlej Textiles,” said Cynthia Douthit, President of American Silk. “Increased investments in our infrastructure, inventory positions, technology and creative capital will position us to continue as a design leader, allow us to service our customers more efficiently and create and source enduringly beautiful textiles.”