YKK establishes strong business in India


YKK India Private Ltd. was incorporated in September 1995 after the parent company, YKK Corporation of Japan, received permission from the Government of India to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary for the manufacture of metallic and non-metallic zippers.

The factory, located in Rewari district of Haryana, started production in March 1997 of a range of popular zippers such as No.3 & 5 polyester coil, No.3 & 5 Vislon and No.3 & 5 metal zippers. Subsequently the range was expanded with the addition of No.2 & 3 invisible coil zippers.

Metal zippers are produced in aluminium, golden brass, antique brass and antique silver finishes. Production of No.7 metal zippers has also started.

YKK India follows the same product and quality specifications as YKK Japan. Its products are anti-nickel (nickel free) and Kensin (needle detector compatible) by default, except when nickel-plated slider itself is specified by the buyer.

With the completion of the third phase expansion in 2005, the production capacities of most of the items in the range have been doubled. The fourth phase expansion was successfully commissioned in March 2009.

YKK India caters to the large and spread out Indian market of garment, footwear and luggage exporters, as well as manufacturers of domestic brands and tailors through its network of five branches and about 40 dealers in 24 cities across India.